Bridge Structural Health Monitoring

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Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Accelerometers are used to continuously measure the ground acceleration in strong motion seismic and low level, low frequency motion studies and in order to conduct 24×7 study of bridge health and pinpoint structural defects in dynamic conditions. Accelerometers are placed at shoulders and centre of bridge mostly installed at tie rods /pillars etc. As a yardstick, Minimum of four accelerometers are utilized for a 100-meter bridge span. For longer bridges, the configuration should be designed based on bridge type, bridge span amongst other inputs.

Solgeo AccelerometerAccelerometer used for Bridge Structural Health Monitoring are MEMS Type, Triaxial with a 12/24/48 channel controller/logger depending on number of MEMS accelerometers used , which are weatherproof and is built in a fully protected metal cabinet.
The sensors utilize low noise MEMS dispositive to make possible measurements in the low frequency micro G range. The sensors have in -built factory -set calibration and corrections. No signal conditioning is required in most applications.

Bridge on waterMEMS Accelerometer are IP67 dust and 100% waterproof Environment protection rated with an operating temperature rating of -40 to +80 °C and ideal for outdoor use.
Accerlometers can be installed with GPS at controller location.

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