TDR Cable Fault Locator

TDR Cable Fault Locator

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Stanlay brings to market an array of TDR cable fault locators in association with Tempo Textron Europe that can be used to locate faults in metallic cables. With the tremendous ease of use and unparalleled accuracy, Stanlay TDR cable fault locators assist Telecom and Facility maintenance teams save tremendous time and effort in locating underground cable faults.

Sidekick Plus 5001 is an advanced cable maintenance test set designed to provide cable test, diagnostics and fault locating capabilities for telecom and low voltage power cables, all in one instrument. The ST25 and ST90 TDR fault locators are designed for ease of use and are able to trace a fault up to 8 km and 16km respectively.

The latest addition in the cable fault detection equipment is the CS90 tablet style TDR which is the most accurate TDR in the market. CS90 equipped with Fastfind technology is the latest in TDR technology. Armored with the highest accuracy and resolution, the CS90 will be the perfect choice for every technician- especially since it has the facility to clone cable settings.


Telecom TDR Product comparison matrix
S.No Parameter / Instrument ST25 ST90 CS90 (Latest Technology)
Cable TDR Function 
1 Automatic cable fault finding Yes Yes Yes
2 Dual view : Automatic fault finding pf biggest event + Automatic end of cable No No Yes
3 Test Signal, type pulse pulse 1/2 Sine wave
4 Maximum Distance to fault capability 8000 meters 16000 meters 12000 feet (3600 meters) 
5 1ns pulse wdith for high resolution fault find No No Yes
6 Pulse Width 40 ns to 10us 40 ns to 10us 1 ns to 25ns
7 Horizontal resolution 0.1m 0.1m Upto 75mm (0.075m)  / 204fps time resolution
8 Impedance N/A N/A 75 ohms 
9 Filtering  N/A N/A 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32
10 Dead zone 0m 0m 0m
11 Accuracy  1% 1% ±0.01%, ± 300 ps
12 Vop 100 ~300 m/us , has to be set manually 100 ~300 m/us , has to be set manually Fully adjustable from 0.250 to 1.000, 29 cables preloaded (Space for upto 75 Cables in Total)
13 CLONING of cable settings No No Yes, Cable Tables/Settings can be 'cloned' via SD/USB Card from one unit to another , allowing same data to be used in multiple CS90 need to repeatedly set Vop. 
14 Gain 1 to 99 1 to 99 0 to 90dB
15 Zoom No No Yes
  Intermittent fault location
16 Intermittent fault location  No No Yes
  Low insulation  fault location
17 Low insulation fault finding Yes Yes Yes
18 Method Bridge technique with 100Mohms max por insulation, upto 9999 meters Bridge technique with 100Mohms max por insulation, upto 9999 meters High Bandwidths
  Data storage & communication interface
19 Data storage   No External save, via USB Yes, on SD Card
20 Built in SD Card for storage No No Yes, 8 GB, 8Gb SD Supplied, each full trace is approx 128kb = 62500 traces (Approx)
21 Interface No USB USB
22 Display type Color display  Color display  Color display, sunlight viewable
23 Display NIT 200 200 1000 NIT (is equivalent to 2 x the best laptop screen on the market) , ensuring extremely high visibility in any sunny condition.
24 Display Size 4.3" 4.3" 7 inch , 800 x 480
25 Battery type rechargeable li-ion battery rechargeable li-ion battery rechargeable li-ion battery
26 Battery life upto 8 hours upto  8 hours >=8 hours
27 Built in battery management system  No No Yes
  Safety Protection
28 Voltage protection is +   /- 200Volts is +   /- 200Volts is +   /- 400Volts
  Physical parameter
29 Weight 1kg 1kg 0.9 kg
30 CE Certified (Yes/No) No No Yes





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