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TDR Cable Fault Locator

Telecom Cable Fault Locator

The TS90 and TS100 Metallic TDR Cable Fault locators in association with Tempo Textron Europe are the most advanced units on the market for locating faults in metallic cables on account of ease of use and unparalleled accuracy that assist Telecom and Facility maintenance teams save tremendous time and effort in locating underground cable faults.

With an accuracy of +/- 3 feet at 10000 feet and cable fault locating capability up to a distance of 15 kilometers, you’ll spend less time operating the TDR and more time repairing faults. Simply select the cable type to be tested and the TS90 does the rest - Impedance, VP, gain, pulse width and vertical position are automatically selected and adjusted as you scan the cable. Just move the cursor to the fault to pinpoint its location.

On the performance side, the TS90 TDR Fault Locator employs optimized pulsing and sampling coupled with advanced filtering and signal processing techniques to ensure the maximum measurement range. That way, you'll always have a clean waveform for easier fault interpretation. The large screen with designated touch buttons allows cable fault detection with easy operation by ANY level of operative.


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TS 90 Cable Fault Locator

TS 90 Cable Fault Locator

The TS90 is the most advanced TDR fault locator based on digital technology that provides distance to fault.

Sidekick Plus

Sidekick Plus

Sidekick Plus helps technicians diagnose and troubleshoot problems with twisted pair cable, using the latest digital technology.

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