All-in-One Kit Contact 3 Ultrasonic & Sonic Pulse Velocity Tester

All-in-One Kit Contact 3 Ultrasonic & Sonic Pulse Velocity Tester

All-in-One Contact KIT 3 Ultrasonic and Sonic test measurement Kit is utilized for measurements on concrete, masonry and stone structures based on 1 x 55 kHz transmitter and 2 x 55 kHz receivers, with option for further tomographic elaboration

Conforms to UNI EN 12504-4 ASTM D2845-08 and ASTM C597-02 standards

All-in One system serves the function of ideal field use instrument that is :

  • rugged and reliable Ultrasonic & Sonic test equipment .
  • with a multichannel controller and 
  • 2 x receiver probes & 1 transmitter probe (55 kHz default or 20kHz)
  • selectable sampling rates from 1OOHz – 10 MHz. 
  • All acquired signals are displayed, computed and memorized directly on tablet pre-installed software. Connection between All-in One system and tablet is via WiFi. 

KIT CONTACT 3: Ultrasonic and Sonic test equipment Kit comprises of:

  •  CONTACT-APP software for data storage
  • 3 nos transducers including 1nos Ultrasonic transmitter T x 55 kHz with 5m cable length and 2nos Ultrasonic receiver R x 55 kHz with 5m cable length
  • Test sample, transport bag
  • Hammer Transmitter for sonic test ALLINONE
  • Android 10" TABLET
  • aTom Tomographic elaboration Software

All-in-One Contact 2 is scalable , per user selection, in future to serve the following different types of tests :

Kit MCHA for checking posts and diaphragms.
- Kit  P.I.T for Pile Integrity Test through vibrational methods such as Echo test and admittance

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