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All-in-One Kit Contact 3 Ultrasonic & Sonic Pulse Velocity Tester

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test Machine

All-in-One Contact KIT 3 Ultrasonic and Sonic test measurement Kit is utilized for measurements on concrete, masonry and stone structures based on 1 x 55 kHz transmitter and 2 x 55 kHz receivers, with option for further tomographic elaboration

Conforms to UNI EN 12504-4 ASTM D2845-08 and ASTM C597-02 standards

All-in One system serves the function of ideal field use instrument that is :

  • rugged and reliable Ultrasonic & Sonic test equipment .
  • with a multichannel controller and 
  • 2 x receiver probes & 1 transmitter probe (55 kHz default or 20kHz)
  • selectable sampling rates from 1OOHz – 10 MHz. 
  • All acquired signals are displayed, computed and memorized directly on tablet pre-installed software. Connection between All-in One system and tablet is via WiFi. 

KIT CONTACT 3: Ultrasonic and Sonic test equipment Kit comprises of:

  •  CONTACT-APP software for data storage
  • 3 nos transducers including 1nos Ultrasonic transmitter T x 55 kHz with 5m cable length and 2nos Ultrasonic receiver R x 55 kHz with 5m cable length
  • Test sample, transport bag
  • Hammer Transmitter for sonic test ALLINONE
  • Android 10" TABLET
  • aTom Tomographic elaboration Software

All-in-One Contact 2 is scalable , per user selection, in future to serve the following different types of tests :

Kit MCHA for checking posts and diaphragms.
- Kit  P.I.T for Pile Integrity Test through vibrational methods such as Echo test and admittance


Product Specification


2 Channel Receiver input/ 1transmitter

Converter Type

2 A/D x 12 bit converter

Input Type

Differential/ Single ended/ IEPE

Input Voltage

± 5 Vpp


1 to 1024 software selectable


Selectable, 0 to 80%

Time Base

50kHz to 10MHz (10MHz/1Ch - 5MHz/2Ch)

Sample Per Event

1K to 8 K for channel

Travel Time Resolution


Sample Resolution

12 bit@10MHz to >16 bit@ 50kHz (with oversampling)


> 1MHz


Antialias, Digital custom filter selectable (DSP)

Trigger Type


Voltage Out Transmitter

Selectable,100 V to 1200 V

Pulse Duration

Selectable,1 to 65000μS

Transmitter Pulse Repetition

> 20 measurement/second


USB 2.0/ WiFi 802.11 (100m)

Transducer Options


- Receiver Sensor (wall-type): 55 kHz

- Transmitter Sensor (wall-type): 55 kHz

- Transmitter Sensor (wall-type): 20 kHz

- Hammer with accelerometer

- Accelerometer Dytran

- Hole-Probe: Transmitter/ Receiver Diameter 26 mm; Length 150 mm;

50 kHz or 80 kHz

Recharging Time


Power Consumption

0.8W Standby / 1.6W Ultrasonic active

IP Rating



> 35hours


Internal battery LiFePO4 (6Ah)




Length 32cm, size 21 x 21 x 9 cm

Weight (kg)


  • 3 probes system, 1 transducer used as transmitter (55kHz as default, 20kHz optional) and 2 transducer as receivers.
  • Drastic reduction of acquisition time survey
  • Active probes with pre-amplification and generation devices integrated
  • Suitable for distance up to 3m
  • Acquisition unit with high dynamic range and low electronic noise
  • Ultrasonic contact probes (55-2OkHz) triggered hammer, dedicated software
  • Conforms to international standard guidelines UNI EN 12504-4 ASTM D2845-08 and ASTM C597-02 standards


Frequently Asked Questions (2 answered questions)
Contact 3 kit is combination of an Ultrasonic & sonic Test kit, comprises of Data logger, Control Unit, 1 x Tx 55kHz Transducer, 1 x Tx sonic Hammer, 2 x Rx 55 kHz Transducer , Contact mobile App for Data acquisition & aTom Pc 2D Tomographic analysis software for sonic and ultrasonic elastic wave.

Person name: Asian

Yes, Standard UPV Test can be performed using 1 x Tx & 1 x Rx along with Data logger with Contact mobile App for Data acquisition, Control Unit

Person name: Asian

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