STAN ONE SIT500 1KV Insulation Tester

LV 1KV Insulation Tester 501A SIT500 SIT500 SIT500 SIT500 SIT500
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STAN ONE SIT500 1KV Insulation Tester

The STANONE 501A insulation tester is used to measure the insulation resistance of electrical equipment and household appliances. This is done by measuring the insulation resistance between electrical circuits or between circuits and ground.

These are ideal tools for ensuring transformers, generators, high voltage motors, power capacitors,power cables, arresters and other electrical equipment that can operate in a safe and accurate manner. It is used for insulation resistance measurement for insulation materials and various kinds of electric equipment's such as transformer, electric machines, cables, switches, electrical appliance, an ideal tool for electric maintenance, testing and inspection.

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STAN ONE SIT500 1KV Insulation Tester
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