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LV Insulation Testers 501

Professional LV digital insulation Tester/Mega ohm meter for insulation resistance measurements of electrical installations, cables and power tools, commissioning & preventive maintenance.

A professional digital Insulation measurement instrument that is accurate, rugged and is provided with a large easy to read display for field use. The operating panel is color coded and clearly laid out. The meter is equipped with a lock down button for insulation and continuity tests.

Product Specification


1kv Insulation Testers Technical Specifications:

Function Range Accuracy
Output Test Voltage 250V/500V/1000V  
Output Voltage Open Circuit ±10%  
Insulation Resistance 250V : 3MΩ to 99.9 MΩ ±(3% + 5)
  250V : 100MΩ to 2MΩ ± (5% + 5)
  500V : 3MΩ to 99.9 MΩ ± (3% + 5)
  500V : 100MΩ to 2GΩ ± (5% + 5)
  1000V : 3MΩ to 99.9 MΩ ± (3% + 5)
  1000V : 100MΩ to 2GΩ ± (2% + 3)
DC Voltage 30V ~ 1000V ± (2% + 3)
AC Voltage 30V ~ 750V ± (2% + 3)
Short Circuit Current <2mA  
Product Supply Digital Insulation Tester Unit, 1.5V x 6 Alkaline B Probe, Alligator Clip, Test Lead, User Manual & Carry Bag
Item Code ST-UT501  



1kv Insulation Testers Standard Features :

      » Manual Ranging       
      » Low Battery Display       
      » Alarm Light Display       
      » Display Backlight       
      » Alarm Buzzer       
      » High Voltage Indication       
      » Auto Discharge       
      » Overload Indication       
      » Max Display      1999 Counts


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Product Info Downloads

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