Seismometer & Seismic Recorder

Seismometer & Seismic Recorder

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The purpose of using a seismic dynamic monitoring system is to provide information & automated response of potential dangerousness of structures or buildings after a seismic event. In case of earthquakes, the system determines if the vibrations exceed critical thresholds set providing alarms in the form of light indicators & SMS/Email alert.


A Dynamic monitoring system comprises of Force Balance Accelerometers or Seismometers used with seismic recorders to measure

  • Displacement
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration


In structures or locations where dynamic monitoring is required including

  • Mines & Quarries
  • Dams
  • Important Buildings
  • Bridges,Flyovers,Chimneys etc
  • Rock Noise Monitoring


In case of daily microseidmic events, the Dynamic monitoring system allows an evaluation of the response of buildings monitored for specific critical points.

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