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MCHA Ultrasonic Cross-Hole Tester

Cross Hole Sonic Logging Equipment

All-in One system MCHA Cross-Hole Tester is an Ultrasonic Cross-Hole testing kit ,  also referred to Ultrasonic Crosshole Sonic Logging  system . MCHA is used for a common test for concrete foundations , where tubes are cast into the concrete during construction so that a series of tests can be carried out between pairs of tubes.  The transmitter and receiver Probes are lowered and transit time and energy is measured for high resolution , accurate and reliable assessment for integrity of deep foundation elements.

Uniform and good quality concrete will allow propagation of ultrasonic waves. Should the ultrasonic wave travel time be longer and energy measured be of a lower amplitude correspond to poor quality or concrete or concrete with voids. A complete loss in signal means a substantial void is hindering the transfer of the signal between the hydrophones.

The All-in-One MCHA is accordingly utilised for Quality Assurance testing of newly constructed critical drilled shaft foundations , auger cast piles and slurry walls. Ultrasonic cross-hole testing is designed for checking posts and diaphragm, cavities / faults and seepages detection. The CSL test procedure using MCHA All-In-One ultrasonic crosshole testing kit can detect anomalies inside concrete within just minutes. All-in-One MCHA s a rugged and reliable equipment with various dedicated piezoelectric sensors and probe that is characterized by an A/D board multichannel and selectable sampling rates from 1OOHz – 10 MHz. All acquired signals are displayed, computed and memorized directly on tablet pre-installed MCH-sonic software. Connection between All-in One system and tablet is via WiFi.

MCHA Cross-Hole Tester is available as KIT MCHA Ultrasonic Cross-Hole Testing option in the following Kit versions.

Item Code KV-ALL1.M2 KV-ALL1.M2.100 KV-ALL1.M3 KV-ALL1.M3.100
Kit ver CH 2 MCHA 2 MCHA 3 MCHA 3
No of Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) probes 2 probes: 1 x Tx, 1 x Rx 2 probes: 1 x Tx, 1 x Rx 3 probes: 1 x Tx, 1 x Rx, 1 x Tx/Rx probe 3 probes: 1 x Tx, 1 x Rx, 1 x Tx/Rx probe
Cable rollers (nos) and length 2 nos, 60m 2nos, 100m 3nos, 60m 3nos, 100m
Link cable probe wheel/control unit and pulleys 2 nos 2nos 3 nos 3 nos
Other accessories included 1 x encoder, 1 x link cable Encoder/Control Unit, 1x Cable driver, 1x tripod, 1 x transport case, 1 x ruggedized tablet windows

Product Specification


2 Channel Receiver input/ 1transmitter

Converter Type

2 A/D x 12-bit converter

Input Type

Differential/ Single-ended/ IEPE

Input Voltage

± 5 Vpp


1 to 1024 software selectable


Selectable, 0 to 80%

Time Base

50kHz to 10MHz (10MHz/1Ch - 5MHz/2Ch)

Sample Per Event

1K to 8 K for channel

Travel Time Resolution


Sample Resolution

12 bit@10MHz to >16 bit@ 50kHz (with oversampling)


> 1MHz


Antialias, Digital custom filter selectable (DSP)

Trigger Type


Voltage Out Transmitter

Selectable,100 V to 1200 V

Pulse Duration

Selectable,1 to 65000μS

Transmitter Pulse Repetition

> 20 measurement/second


USB 2.0/ WiFi 802.11 (100m)

Transducer Options


- Receiver Sensor (wall-type): 55 kHz

- Transmitter Sensor (wall-type): 55 kHz

- Transmitter Sensor (wall-type): 20 kHz

- Hammer with accelerometer

- Accelerometer Dytran

- Hole-Probe: Transmitter/ Receiver Diameter 26 mm; Length 150 mm;

50 kHz or 80 kHz

Recharging Time


Power Consumption

0.8W Standby / 1.6W Ultrasonic active

IP Rating



> 35hours


Internal battery LiFePO4 (6Ah)




Length 32cm, size 21 x 21 x 9 cm

Weight (kg)


  • Conforms to ASTM D6760-16 standard
  • Simultaneous Cross Hole measurements along three paths in pile foundation
  • Synchronization impulse using an encoder
  • Result can be printed promptly
  • Cavities / faults detection
  • Seepages detection
  • High power transmitter and highly sensitive active-type piezoelectric receivers (50 or 80 kHz)
  • Ruggedized Tablet with Window preinstalled software included
Frequently Asked Questions (4 answered questions)
Cross Hole Sonic logging system is available in 2 Probe and 3 probe configurations.

Person name: Asian

Yes the cross Hole Sonic logging system Conforms to ASTM D6760-16 standard.

Person name: Asian

Both 50 KHz or 80 KHz Transducers options are avaialbe with cross hole sonic logging system.

Person name: Asian

MCHA cross hole sonic logging system is available in 60 mtrs and 100 mtrs cable length options

Person name: Asian

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