Pavement Testing Equipment

Pavement Testing Equipment

Road Testing Equipment

Stanlay provides a wide range of Road and Runway Pavement testing equipments which are essentially required for both quality testing at time of construction and estimation of remaining service life of pavement to allow estimation or planning for resurfacing.  

Stanlay has been at the cutting edge of suppling new technologies over 10 years. Our road testing equipment to meet the safety standard requirements of regulators and the commercial requirements of paved surface operators worldwide.                     

Falling weight deflectometer is the heart of both highway and runway testing to measure ESAL or estimated service life of pavement to allow engineering planning ;  the HiPave follows as a second in level of importance, based on a horn anteanne provides the ability to scan pavement layers also saving unnecessary coring.

Stanlay also provides Skid resistance testers and Continuous friction testers. Stanlay is also the exclusive distribution partner to HMP Germany for LWD i.e light weight deflectometer also referred to as Light Drop Weight Tester for measuring soil bearing resistance and Compaction quality of soils within 2 minutes - a replacement to cumboresome static plate load testing methods and providing a method for On Site Compaction testing of Soil during Road, Railway and Pipeline construction.

Should you require any of the above solutions or have another application that you wish to discuss, Please call us on +91-11-41406926.

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Light Weight Deflectometer

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Falling Weight Deflectometer

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GPR for Pavement Testing

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