IDS Stream DP Wide Array GPR

IDS Stream DP Wide Array GPR

Stream DP GPR with revolutionary Equalized Scrambled Technology (EsT) by IDS GeoRadar offers advanced capabilities for underground surveys and utility detection. By providing real-time 3D mapping of non-metallic & metallic underground utilities and features with integration of EsT technology provides enhanced performance and deeper depth range than any other existing solutions.

Push Manually or Tow behind vehicle, the STREAM DP is for large scale underground utility mapping, allowing efficient data acquisition of large areas with reduced manpower.

Ergonomically designed for easy handling and transportation, Stream DP can be efficiently deployed by a single user thanks to its light weight (max. 20kg per part) and its compact size that fits in a standard vehicle (116cmX82cm).

The STREAM DP with its 30 array antenna provides “APD” Automatic Pipe Detection.

Stream DP offers several benefits that contribute to its effectiveness and efficiency in underground surveys:

  • Deeper depth: Equalized scrambled Technology for unparalleled control of the GPR signal locates utilities at extended depth range with ultra-high resolution.
  • High productivity: a massive array (30 channels in double polarization, 19VV + 11HH) for an accurate 3D reconstruction of the underground utility network created in a single scan.
  • Greater efficiency: One operator can assemble the system in less than 5 minutes and transport it with a standard vehicle.
  • Non-Stop Performance: Non-stop surveying performance with low battery power consumption (15W-19W) and hot swap technology for the power supply.
  • User-configurable: One solution for different scenarios: Stream DP is configurable both in rugged and asphalt version.

Overall, the combination of advanced technology, productivity-enhancing features, efficiency, and user configurability makes Stream DP possibly the most powerful and versatile GPR solution for underground utility mapping and surveys on the market.

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IDS Stream DP Wide Array GPR
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