Proceq Pundit PD8050

Proceq Pundit PD8050 Proceq Pundit PD8050 Proceq Pundit PD8050 Proceq Pundit PD8050 Proceq Pundit PD8050 Proceq Pundit PD8050
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Proceq Pundit PD8050

Proceq Pundit PD8050 is a new generation ultrasonic pulse echo tester used for the primary purpose of structural imaging, object, and defect detection in concrete structures based on  ultrasound pulse echo technology. Enabled with Artificial Intelligence (A.I) support and 3D visualization capabilities make it the fastest solution for the user to assess condition of concrete structures and detect defects faster and easier than ever before.

The PD8050 pundit ultrasonic tester comes with multiple review modes including A scan, B Scan, Time Slice view & heat map to deliver best on-site imaging .

The ultrasonic array pulse velocity test equipment allows detection of voids, honeycombs, and delamination in concrete structures below the rebar grid even in dense rebar structure as ultrasonic pulse echo signal is only partially reflected than a GPR signal.

The World's Lightest Wireless Ultrasonic Imaging System with Augmented Reality and AI Capabilities allow inspections with on-site, 2D, heatmap and high-resolution 3D imaging effortlessly precise & clear.

The UPV test equipment helps in locating and identifying underground steel fibre reinforced concrete,  unlike electromagnetic methods ( such as GPR) which do not work on steel fibre reinforced concrete, ultrasonic pulse echo is well suited for detecting voids, detecting cover depth to rebars and pipes .

The ultrasonic concrete tester offers data storage & instant report generation, It allows raw data export & easy sharing via url.

The Proceq PD8050 is an advanced instrument for EPC contractors , structural health and NDT consultants and research organisations who require to conduct examination of concrete structures post construction for checking for defects or for structural health assessment. 

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