Water & Sewer line maintenance

Water & Sewer line maintenance

Pipe Inspection Camera System

  Ideal for remote visual inspection of longer-length pipelines upto 120 meters

Pipe Inspection Camera System

Water Leak Detection System

Smart acoustic water leak detector for identifying leaks in all types of buried water pipe networks under pressure, metallic and non-metallic water pipes, in both the main lines and branches of metro, industrial and irrigation environment.

Water Leak Detection System

Water & Sewer Line Maintenance equipment’s offered include Water Leak Detection equipments , Drain Pipe Inspection Cameras & Crawler Camera Systems.


Drain & Sewer Pipe Inspection Cameras are useful in inspecting blockage , pipe condition assessment or irregularities inside buried industrial or municipal water pipes, drain pipe, sewer, telecom ducts and plumbing pipe networks. Stanlay LPIC digital inspection cameras are offered in length options upto 120 meters, which are ideal for remote visual inspection of longer-length buried pipelines.

The Stanlay sewer & water pipe inspection cameras are designed to IP68 environmental standard, waterproof, and can operate for 4-8hr continuously upto 20 meters under water making them ideal for rough usage.  

Buried Water Pipe leak detection equipment : Acoustic leak detection method remains the first choice for detecting and locating pipeline leaks. In Acoustic Leak Detection Method, the underground water leak detector identifies the leakage sound with the help of listening equipment & pinpoint the exact locations of water leaks in buried water pipes laid in cities, towns, industrial & residential areas.


The leakage sound consists of four sounds: water flow sound, impact sound, friction sound & vibration sound. The closer an operator gets to the leak point, the intensity/strength of the signal will increase. The underground leak detection system detects the leakage sound & by figuring out the highest sound intensity & pinpoints the exact damaged location.

Stanlay offers 3 models of the latest generation PERIJA Plus Series smart acoustic water pipe leak detection equipment, based on a piezo electric ground microphone coupled with an advanced controller for identifying leaks in all types of pressurized buried water pipe networks, metallic and non-metallic water pipe networks, in both the main lines and branches of metro, industrial and irrigation environment for pipe sizes up to 750mm, for depths upto 5 meters.

In addition , Perija Plus for detecting leaks in water pipes in commercial campus and residential campus environments, upto a depth of 1.8 meters.

Also offered is the Perija V Pickup water leak estimator, which serves the function of an electronic listening stick and isolating possible locations of leaks between service points or buildings.

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