Laser Distance Meters

Laser Distance Meters

Laser Distance Measurement Equipment

The Disto  series of laser distance meters featured are truly professional grade  products - Extremely precise. Reliable. Accurate.

The products range from the  worlds smallest D2 basic laser distance meter for straight  line, area, volume measurements at the touch of a button for indoor distance measurement to the new D8 - the worlds most versatile laser distance  meter for both outdoor & indoor distance measurement with a built  in digital pointfinder with 4 x zoom that shows your targeted point on a  high-resolution 2.4-Inch colour display, allowing you to measure long range  distances quickly and easily because you always see your targeted point.  Accuracy is 1mm.  

Leica's range of  handheld laser distance measurement equipment is the ideal  solution for determining length, width and height quickly and efficiently.

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X2 Laser Distance Meter

Precision Distance Measurement Upto 30 Meters. Economy laser measurer that provides basic everyday building distance measurement functions.

Laser Distance Meter Leica D2

Compact laser distance meter for measuring distances upto 60m. Best of the pack - Great functionality at a comfortable price.

Laser Distance Meter Leica X310

Precision distance measurement upto 80 meters . Extended capability required by the professional.

Laser Distance Meter Leica D5

Precision Outdoor Distance Measurement Upto 200 Meters with 4 x Optical zoom with LCD view finder. 45 deg angle measurement. Big functionality at a reasonable price.

Laser Distance Meter Leica D8

Precision Outdoor Distance Measurement Upto 200 Meters with 4 x Optical zoom with LCD view finder. 360 deg angle measurement. Bluetooth function for data transfer.

Laser Disto D810 TOUCH

Not just a touch screen laser distance meter - view with a camera, take a picture, measure distances within the image - the D810 capability is a...

Laser Distance Meter Leica DXT

Precision Distance Measurement Upto 70 Meters. Water Proof. Dust Proof. Impact Proof.

Roll Master Express

Rollmaster Express For Measurements Of Convex and Concave Surfaces.

Digital Measuring Wheel

Digital Measuring Wheel For Road, Land Measurements Upto 9999.99m.

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