Borehole Deviation Probes

Borehole Deviation Probes

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Borehole Inclinometer or deviation probe is used to measure deviation of a borehole.  The inclinometer measures direction and inclination of boreholes in 3D Space. 

There are two options of borehole inclinometer  / deviation probes offered : 

  • Solgeo INCLIS 30 DH : The Inclis DH probe can be used in boreholes coated or not, with any inclination and direction in space and minimum internal diameter of 45 mm. 
  • Solgeo TROVA FORI : carbon probes for  drilling pipe of upto 30mm widths. 

Usually, boreholes are located near to each other and there is the requirement for  horizontal distances of boreholes to measured with respect to each other at  1m depth intervals below ground level.

The Solgeo INCLIS DH inclinometer borehole probe system allows to perform a 3D borehole deviation survey, equipped with 3 magnetometric and 3 accelerometer sensors. In case of iron casing boreholes , the system should be utilised with aluminium rods that drive the probe inside the borehole.  The INCLIS DH probe can be connected to a PC through the USB which provides the dual function of power supply and data transfer. Sonclino software offered allows immediate visualization of results in both graphical and numeric form. 

The TROVA FORI borehole inclinometer probe system is a borehole orientation instrumentation tool based on a carbon probe to allow measurements of direction and inclination in 3D space in difficult conditions for drilling pipes of upto 30mm widths, in both horizontal and vertical boreholes. 

The unit provides instantaneous visualisation of results, showing altimetric and planimetric trends with respect to initial position for fast and accurate borehole positioning. 



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