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Roll Master Express

Electronic measurement instrument for measurement of surface length including for convex and concave surfaces by means of four rollers located in the back of the unit. Simply roll the unit along the surface & get digital reading of surface length covered.

Product Specification
Operating Principle Sensors (4 Rollers)
Measurement Range 1mm to 99.99m
Lowest Indication Unit 1mm
Precision 99.95% or +/- 1.6mm over 3m
Working Temperature 0° C to 40° C (32° F to 104° F
Storage Temperature -20° C to 70°C
Power Supply 3 x Type AAA Alkaline Batteries
Dimensions 64mm x 148mm x 46mm
Weight 195g (without batteries)
Intelligent measuring directly on the surface.
Reference points/edges : Instrument contains 3 separate push buttons for using the instrument with central reference point, left edge or right edge of the unit.
"ROLL OVER" function allows exact length measurement also on convex/concave surfaces, with digital conversion.
The centre point of a measured distance can be found at the press of a button, without any calculation.
Point Mode Feature : At the touch of a button enables measurement to be divided into any number of part-sections, as well as repetition of the same distances.
Measures in Meters, Feet and inches.
Battery save mode : Unit will shut off automatically approx. 2 minutes after last measurement.
Product Info Downloads
Product Info Downloads

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