GREENLEE 701k-G/6A Tone and Probe Tracing Kit(With large Clips)

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GREENLEE 701k-G/6A Tone and Probe Tracing Kit(With large Clips)

Greenlee's 701K-G/6A Tone and Probe Tracing Kit, a fully upgraded version of the powerful 701K industry-standard Professional Tone and Probe Tracing kit, including ABN clips, offers superior tracing for low voltage applications such as telephone, data, and security alarm wiring.

Essential equipment for the internal wiring technician, the 701K-G/6A provides the ability to check voltage on wire pairs as well as generate a tagging tone along the wire which is then picked up by the tracing probe.

New features such as LED headlight, headset jack, short circuit beeper, and external warble-select, improve internal circuitry in both the amplifier and the tone generator. It promises to provide an enhanced customer experience for tracing and identifying single conductors or cables within bundles, either at midpoint or at remote ends.

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