C-Thrue GPR

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C-Thrue GPR

C-thrue is a high frequency 2 GHZ Dual Polarized Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for accurate scanning and real time analysis of Pavement layers as well as concrete structures.

It helps Road & building construction and service companies as well as civil and structural engineers to locate rebars, voids, post-tension cables, cavities, conduits, and any other objects buried in large structures before cutting or drilling into the concrete such as large buildings, bridge inspection, roads, dams & archaeological structures.

C-thrue is ideally used as a Pavement GPR for scanning & evaluation of pavement layer thickness. The same assists EPC Contractors, Road Construction Companies & Public works departments to check & ensure that road construction is being constructed as per laid down design parameters.


C-thrue is an easy-to-use and robust solution to see through concrete structures and reveal true data that lead to optimal decision-making. The solution is suited for all construction sites and operations including building renovation, overpasses, monuments, bridges and tunnels surveys, as well as for detailed analysis of the original engineering projects and comparison with the as-built structure.


C-thrue also helps the Road Construction companies, contractors and engineering consultants in Pavement scanning to see through each layer of the pavement including multiple bituminous layers, WMM & GSV with high resolution and accuracy to ensure that pavement construction is as per specification. No need for repeated coring. High speed acquisition and provided with GRED 3D HD post processing software for semi-automatic to automatic post processing of acquired data. Today, C-thrue offers more flexibility with no limitations for your analysis requirements, thanks to a compact and light telescopic pole and an external controller that can be easily transported on site in challenging locations or conditions (e.g. under a deck, along vertical walls, etc...). The C-thrue external controller allows easier and faster data interpretation, thanks to real-time data processing and representation of results in Augmented Reality for more efficient decision-making.

GRED 3D HD Software:

For pavement layer data analysis, use of post processing software is necessary for interpretation of clear layer by layer depth. GRED 3D HD software allows semi-automatic to automatic post processing of pavement layer data requiring minimal human intervention allowing long lengths of kms to be post processed quickly. Pavement layers can be color coded. As example, single core used to calibrate data based on bituminous design layers thickness 250mm (80+100+70). The software can also be used for 3D analysis and representation of 1st and 2nd layer of rebar in concrete structures such as bridges, buildings etc.  

C-thrue visualization : Pavement layer data (color coded output), layer by layer evaluation upto 80 cms depth. C-thrue visualization: Dual antenna polarisation allows the optimal detection of both first and deeper levels of rebars

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C-Thrue GPR
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