Profometer PM8000 Rebar Locator & Cover Meter

Profometer PM8000 Rebar Locator & Cover Meter

Profometer PM8000 Rebar Locator & Cover Meter is the latest generation product release by Screening Eagle Switzerland (Formerly Proceq) is the most powerful & precise non-destructive testing instrument for locating reinforcement bars, their Position, Spacing, Cover & Diameter of rebar.

See into concrete & clearly visualize rebars with accurate cover & diameter values, dowels or any metallic object effortlessly & reliably:

  • Automatically visualize data on iPad of concrete cover when rebar is detected
  • High resolution zoom for getting details in large area scans.
  • Heat map View: Map out the healthy, weak & over protected areas
  • AR (augmented reality) heat map to visualize reinforced concrete health
  • Logbook with pictures, geolocation & voice memos.

The Profometer PM8000 is offered in three product variants, “PM8000 LITE”, “PM8000” and “PM8000 PRO”. For professional NDT consultants, Building construction companies, Research organisations, Coring contractors or rehabilitation organizer.

PM8000 LITE version provides only spot measurement of rebar detection in concrete structures, & replaces the profoscope. The PM8000 LITE provides both left & right indication for rebar & also an LCD display showing cover & rebar dia.

PM8000 version provides spot & line measurement of rebar detection in concrete structures, for finding rebars prior coring and for quality control. The product also offers advanced statistics and comes with a 5-year subscription software & is including 4-wheel cart with built in encoder.

PM8000 PRO is a full configuration instrument with Profometer software for Spot, Line, Area mapping of rebar with Heat map, AI, Advanced statistics and Sophisticated Data Interpolation.

A four-wheel cart with encoder is provided for scans up to 1 kilometre with Auto spacing capture between rebars. It is compact, ultra-light-weight & fully wireless designed for difficult environments.

Profometer PM8000 & PM8000 Pro is used with an iPad for utilising the full capability of rebar mapping, geolocation & reporting. Generate reports on site for sharing with internal teams or customers.

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Profometer PM8000 Rebar Locator & Cover Meter
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