IBIS-FL Interferometric Radar

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IBIS-FL Interferometric Radar

A highly innovative technology for 2D monitoring of displacements and movements in slopes and structures. Based on SAR interferometry, IBIS remotely measures the simultaneous displacement of thousands of points over large areas (natural reflections of the slope) without the need for any kind of access to the slope under observation.

IBIS-FL provides a Displacement Time Series for each point with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. The high number and the spatial density of good measurement points, enables the IBIS-FL to provide Displacement Maps which can clearly distinguish stable and moving portions of the area under investigation. Monitoring of terrain movements (unstable slopes, landslides, and glaciers) is an increasingly important task for today’s geotechnical experts required to prevent or forecast natural disasters that could affect human lives. 

The automatic acquisition and processing of IBIS-FL data enables the device to provide early warning alerts if movements exceed a selected threshold.  

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IBIS-FL Interferometric Radar
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