Concrete NDT Testing Equipment

Concrete NDT Testing Equipment

Concrete Test Hammers

Quickest, simplest and least expensive method for non-destructive evaluation of concrete

Concrete Test Hammers

Concrete Mapping GPR

NDT Testing equipments designed to map the layers of rebars and other non- metallic objects such as PT ducts, conduits and plumbing lines in concrete structures.

Concrete Mapping GPR

Stanlay offer the widest range of concrete NDT testing equipment which are essentially required to check physical parameters of concrete for compression strength, homogeneity, corrosion, resistance amongst other parameters.

Stanlay is India's leading supplier of concrete non destructive testing equipment utilized for determining quality & integrity of concrete structures.

Application where concrete NDT equipment`s should be utilized are:

  • Quality control of pre-cast units or construction
  • Removing precariousness about the acceptability of the material supplied owing to apparent non-compliance with specification
  • Confirming or negating doubt concerning the workmanship involved in batching, mixing, placing, compacting or curing of concrete
  • Location and determination of the extent of cracks, voids, honeycombing and similar defects within a concrete structure
  • Compressive strength of concrete
  • Determining the position, quantity or condition of reinforcement
  • Concrete Pull off and adhesion testing

Our Concrete NDT Testing equipment are offered in the following categories:

Rebar Detector – Stanlay R630A Rebar Scanner, R660 high performance rebar detector, MT6 Rebar Detector, Proceq Profoscope, Proceq Profometer 600, Profometer 630 & Profometer 650 to detect location of rebar in concrete, measure rebar cover, rebar diameter and with 2D & 3D imaging options with significant capability at an economical price.

Concrete Cover Meter – Stanlay MC8022 NDT instruments provide rebar location, rebar sizing and cover measurement & ideal for onsite usage.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity TesterAll-in-One Kit Contact 2, All-in-One Kit Contact 3Proceq Pundit Lab+, Proceq PL200, PL 250, Pundit Live array pro concrete NDT equipment are high performance, microprocessor based UPV devices that measures velocity, transit time & other parameters for evaluating uniformity, cavities, cracks, delimitation & deterioration for determining quality of concrete and other masonry materials. Higher end Proceq PL250 & PL250 & PL live also offer ultrasonic tomography for conducting B Scan & C Scan of concrete alarm to imaging of insides of concrete for determining location of voids etc.

Digital Concrete Test Hammer – Stanlay offers a wide range of concrete test hammers for measuring compressive strength of concrete including Mechanical concrete test hammer, Proceq Silver Schmidt PC/ST, Schmidt Hammer, Proceq Original Schmidt Live. Concrete test hammers are used for comparative testing, referenced against a concrete with known strength or against a concrete verified as conforming to a strength class.

Concrete Moisture Meter – Stanlay V1D1 Moisture meter, Proceq Hygropin provide perfect solution to identify and monitor moisture in concrete.

Concrete Wall Scanner – Stanlay i520 PVC pipe, steel & metal scanner for locating conduits behind walls, floors, and ceilings. It also locates metal as well as live AC electrical wiring.

Pile Testing EquipmentStanlay offer wide range of pile integrity testers P8000, P8100 perform low strain integrity testing also known as sonic echo or pulse echo testing for assessing the condition of piles

Cross Hole Analyzer: Stanlay offer concrete testing equipment to utilized for detecting the arrival of the seismic wave train in offset borings


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