PQI 380 Non Nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge

Non Nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge

PQI 380 Non Nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge

The PQI 380 is a lightweight, environmental safe & user friendly non-nuclear asphalt density gauge which provides quick and accurate measurement of asphalt density. Unlike nuclear gauges, the PQI 380 takes accurate readings in about three seconds, allowing the test technician plenty of time to run a series of tests. Its electromagnetic field is far safer than devices based on nuclear sources and it costs less to own and operate.

Based on a touch screen operating system, the PQI 380 is easy to use by any level of operator. The PQI 380 Non-Nuclear asphalt density gauge is equipped with a touch screen and a user friendly graphical user interface. The PQI 380 uses Microsoft Windows CE for smooth operation, easy software upgrades and enhanced user support.

Some highlights of the PQI 380 are:

  • Full Color VGA display
  • LED backlight for easy visibility in light or dark situations
  • Customizable Project Entries
  • Customizable Mix Entries
  • Diagnostics reading mode 

Data Management Screen and the ability to disable data logging Rugged, Lightweight, Aluminum Shell (Reflective vinyl graphics for safety).The PQI 380 also utilizes an advanced GPS system which enables position and independent time logging. A USB port enables the user to easily download data files in a comma delimited file and print out the data. The high capacity Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries are user replaceable. The easy to navigate user interface will ensure that you get setup quickly on jobs and begin taking reading in just seconds. The PQI 380 conforms to ASTM standard D7113 and AASHTO T 343-12.

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PQI 380 Non Nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge
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