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MTRAK Traceable Midi Duct Rodder

The MTRAK traceable midi duct rodder is an ideal accessory for utilization with pipe & cable locators, to EXTEND the capability of the locating equipment’s to identify location & route of buried small diameter nonmetallic ducts or telecom pipes and metallic ducts.

Based on a 5.5mm composite fiberglass rod with 3 x 0.5mm tracer copper wires. The midi traceable duct rodder contains an all new slip ring design allowing the rod to be pushed in while tracing of the pipe is being done. Provided in a galvanized metal tube frame to enable usage of either of the copper tracer wires for tracing route of the buried duct or the Sonde end tip of the rodder. The base of the traceable rodder contains a terminal box that provides 2 individual terminal connections to the 2 inbuilt copper tracer wires of the traceable duct rodder. Connecting both terminals from the two wires of a transmitter at 33 KHz causes the Sonde tip of the rod to be energized at 33 kHz

Product Specification
Rod Length Options 50m (164’) / 80m (263’)
Rod Diameter 5.5mm nominal (0.21”)
Rod Material/Colour Composite fiberglass rod with three integrated copper wires / Red
Rod minimum bend radius 10cm (reducing to 15cm, 5cm from tip)
Tracer diameter (Built in) 3 x 0.5mm Cu wires
Transmitting sonde diameter 19.0mm
Tip material Brass
Dimension (LWH) 48 x 28 x 58 cms
Frame 8 Spoke design powder coated 16mm steel tube
Weight 7.5kg
Terminal box 1 or 2 terminal connection (IP65 rated)
Slip ring assembly Built in
Frequency Optimised for 33kHz
Detection depth range Line detection 0-3m depending on locator and site conditions
Operating/Storage Temperature -20 C to +50 C
Compatibility Use any signal transmitter with 33kHz signal to energize sonde tip
Tracer Rod & Tip/Terminal Box IP68/IP54
Length Options 50m (165'), 80m (262'), 120m (393')  
Dimension 24" X 8" X 29" Midi Frame "C" Type
Rod Type 5.5mm (Normal)
Size of Copper Wire 0.5mm Dia (2 nos)
Item Code ST- MTRAK50
Product Info Downloads
Product Info Downloads

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