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Proceq Pundit Live Array Pro

Pundit Live Array Pro, a wireless ultrasonic tomography scanner, IoT enabled with reporting features, Artificial Intelligence (A.I) support and 3D visualization capabilities makes it the fastest solution for the user to assess concrete structures and detect defects faster and easier than ever before. Based on Phased array ultrasonic pulse echo technology, the instrument offers ultrasonic tomography for conducting A scan, Line Scan and 3D scan reporting and best on -site imaging capabilities. Pundit Live Array Pro is supplied with shear wave horizontal polarized eight channel transducer upgradable to sixteen channels and is compatible with and connects wirelessly to the Pundit Live app to any iPad. PL Live can be used to perform Ultrasonic C Scans for large concrete structures.

Product Specification

No. of Transducers

24 (the equipment can be extended to use in 48 transducer configurations also)

Transducer Type

low frequency transverse (shear) wave transducer. Dry point contact with ceramic wear tips.

Scanning Device Type

Built in matrix antennae array type

Measuring range

1m or more


15 to 100 kHz

Technology Use

Phased array ultrasonic pulse echo

Measuring resolution

1 µs

Measuring Modes

Real time B-scan, Line Scan, Line Scan with AI positioning, Area scan (on-site 3D and grid)

Data Export

Measurement file, Snapshot (jpg), Chart (csv)


PDA (Tablet type)

Communication Interface


Receiver gain

1 to 10’000x (0 to 80 dB)

Nominal transducer frequency

50 kHz shear wave

Pulse shape

Square wave

Pulse delay

8 ms – 200 ms

Number of channels

8 (with upgrade option to 16)

Transducer weight

3.5 kg (8 channel)


Built in rechargeable battery, with backup time not less than 4 hrs


<95% RH, non-condensing

Operating Temperature

-10 to 50 °C / 14 to 122 °F


Display: Any compatible Apple® iPad (iOS 9.0 and higher)

Memory: Up to 1 TB (depending on the Apple® iPad model)

Connections: Wi-Fi connection to Apple® iOS tablet, USB port for Wi-Fi module

Report Generation

  • Logbook for full traceability of the measurement procedure
  • Defect and object tagging, plus annotations with text, voice, photos
  • Export snapshots to JPEG and PNG
  • CVS file output option

Measurement Modes

  • A-scan with signal envelope
  • Line scan
  • Stripe Scan

Measuring Range: > 2.5 m / 8 ft depending on concrete quality 

Review modes

  • SAFT-generated B-scan
  • Time-slice / Depth-slice
  • On-site 3D View


Rugged, compact and lightweight Pundit Array Transducer. Standard: Single handed transducer. Dual handle upgrade for increased control, with buttons on both handles for optimizing gain settings and triggering a measurement. Productivity upgrade to 16 channels, for double the scan width and on-site productivity.

Special Features

  • A.I.-powered transducer positioning
  • A.I.-powered seamless image stitching
  • A.I.-assisted tagging of back walls


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Product Info Downloads

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