Profometer Corrosion

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Profometer Corrosion

Profometer Corrosion is the most advanced instrument for corrosion analysis based on half-cell method which is used to identify active corrosion of rebars based on the electro chemical properties of reinforced concrete for assisted measurements with rod and wheel electrodes. In addition to the basic electrode (rod or wheel) that are based on a Copper/ Copper sulphate half – cell, the use of unique one- and four-wheel electrodes enable highest on-site productivity on large areas.

Profometer Corrosion is advanced half-cell measuring instrument with corrosion scan and statistical views for immediate on-site data interpretation, customizable and cumulative distribution and chipping graph views. The instrument is used for on- site mapping of the corrosion potential. 

Profometer Corrosion consists of interface box, cable coil 82 ft /25 m with clamp, USB cable, DVD with software, documentation carrying strap and carrying case. 

Profometer corrosion can be purchased as a standalone device or Profometer 600, Profometer 630AI and Profometer 650 AI possess upgrade possibility to Profometer Corrosion.

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Profometer Corrosion
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