Kolectric MC8022 Micro Covermeter

Kolectric MC8022 Micro Covermeter

The MC8022 Micro covermeter represents the latest in precision concrete cover measurement. The Kolectric 8022 provides rebar location, rebar sizing and cover measurement. Based on advanced digital processing & pulse induction measurement, The 8022 is a ruggedized IP65 rated non destructive testing (NDT) instrument that is weather rated , based on MIL Connectors & ideal for on site usage.

Performance meets requirements of BS1881 part 204 completely. Based on rechargeable batteries, the 8022 provides a long operating time of 20 hours allowing full day to multi day usage at site. Accordingly battery chargers are provided to allow easy charging at site.                                                    

The 8022 has a datalogging feature allowing time stamped reading logs of cover depth, bar size, data & time for downloading in CSV data format.and is provided with a download cable and software to allow connectivity to a PC / laptop.

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Kolectric MC8022 Micro Covermeter
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