Megger System R-30 Cable Fault Test Van

Megger System R-30 Cable Fault Test Van SYSTEM R-30 Megger Cable Test Van
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Megger System R-30 Cable Fault Test Van

Megger SebaKMT System R-30 is the largest Most Powerful Cable Test Van System within the SebaKMT product range.  All functions and voltage ranges are full integrated and three phased. Recently extended and improved, this already powerful system's capabilities are increased. DC test voltage levels, including the well-known Decay travelling wave prelocation methods are available up to 110 kV in the standard version (400 kV optional), thus keeping and extending the world-wide standards set by system R 30.

The widely approved and well known Arc Reflection method up to 50 kV gives this system the capacity to locate faults in cables above the 30 kV range. The standard high voltage supply provides test voltage levels up to 6 x Uo.  

A PLC operated central control Unit monitors the safety and all vital functions of the system. The integrated safety system concept and the separation transformer for defined potentials, guarantees the high Seba KMT safety standards for men and equipment.


The three phased connection offers a comfortable and safe switching of the phases by the internal SF6 high voltage switch

The Control Unit is an integrated central operator inter-face for all operational modes and provides the monitoring of the system and the integrated safety facilities. It enables an easy and quick operation of the system (many local languages available), prevents operational errors and reduces the fault location time considerably.

Equipped with the new integrated Teleflex M- our state-of-the-art reflectometer, with high dynamic range, sampling frequency up to 100 MHz and selectable pulse ">R 30 System provides excellent resolutions even at far distances. This is equally valid for reflectometer tests (LV pulse echo) and in combination with the various high voltage applications.

The modular concept offers optimized solutions suited to individual requirements. With a wide range of different possibilities, this system leaves almost no wishes unfulfilled.

The high surge power of 2500 Joules is the base for an efficient and fast localization of cable faults.

An effective and safe testing of PE, XPLE and Paper Oil Insulated cables is provided for by use of the pat-ended Seba KMT VLF 0.1Hz Cosine Square Wave method.  

The very powerful high voltage source in high frequency converter technology provides the system with the required voltage level of 110 kV for testing, and with a standard current of up to 300 mA to handle high loads.The system provides all known and proven SebaKMT high voltage prelocation methods as:

  • ARM Arc Reflection Method
  • Decay method  
  • Impulse current decoupling ICE

In combination with according high voltage and power features. 

The extensive and approved safety concept of Seba KMT fulfils the highest safety standards by extensive use of safety interlocks, indications at the Control Unit, detection of errors, as well as use of a separation transformer and thus generates the maximum protection for men and equipment. 




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Megger System R-30 Cable Fault Test Van
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