Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment

Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment

GPR Ground Penetrating Radar

Stanlay is the preferred & authorized supplier of ground penetrating radar equipment`s manufactured by IDS Georadar Italy - the world's leading manufacturer of GPR ground penetrating radar. Stanlay provide cutting edge geophysical investigation instrumentation for earth subsurface, building materials, roads and bridges.

GPR hardware & software is offered for a wide range of applications from utility detection & mapping to concrete inspection of building structure monitoring ; archeological surveys to road pavement layer investigation, geological applications & analysis to landslide monitoring, remote displacement monitoring of slopes & movement in terrain to detection of cavities and sub surface investigation in tunnels.

Stanlay offers in association with IDS the industry's most respected and widest range of GPR ground penetrating radar systems - that are at least a decade ahead of other solutions on the market.

Some of our GPR application detailed below.

1. Utility Detection & Mapping GPR - We have a wide range of GPR ground penetrating radar equipments to detect metallic and non-metallic utilities (pipe & cable) prior any excavation ; From cart based RIS Hi-MOD & Opera Duo dual frequency GPR for utility deection mapping to the Vehicle based Stream EM GPR for Citywide utility mapping.

2. Pavement Engineering - Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment :designed to inspect pavement layers information for both qualitative analysis of pavement & to generate accurate deflection data of pavement sections requiring intervention (RIS Hi-Pave)

3. Bridge InspectionGround Penetrating Radar System : designed specifically for bridge deck surveying for measurement of concrete, pavement & asphalt thickness while locating rebar, detection of areas affected by corrosion & detection of delamination.RIS - Hi Bright

4. Ballast Inspection – GPR Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment : is designed specifically for continuous mapping of railway ballast thickness to differentiate between clean and fouled ballast & locating areas with insufficient bearing capacity.

5. Interferometric GPR – designed to monitor structural movements with innovative sensor systems based on Interferometry for remote static & dynamic movements.

6. GPR for Geology & Environment – designed for subsurface profiling in a variety of application from soil investigation to snow thickness measurement, geological to archeological applications

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