SIFTU-M Ultra High Temperature Thermal Camera

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SIFTU-M Ultra High Temperature Thermal Camera

The STANONE SIFTU-M Ultra high Temperature Industrial Thermal Imaging Camera is a 24x7 Temperature Monitoring System which will be used as Module only or configured with water or air cooled enclosures for use in high temperature environments, especially useful in metallurgical and petrochemical environment for applications such as furnace accretion diagnosis, furnace defect detection. In addition, in precision applications such as quality control checks during production using hollow quenching machine

SIFTU-M Thermographic thermal camera
includes high-resolution (384x288) thermal imaging sensors, temperature measurement (40 mK), real-time video streaming, and the ability to integrate with other network storage devices such as NVR, based on industry standard ONVIF platforms. Furthermore, SDK are available for further integration.

SIFTU-M fixed thermal imaging camera finds application in monitoring of rotary kilns, in cement plants, for safety monitoring against corroded steel plates, Metallurgy - blast furnaces processes , laser welding, Iron & steel smelting, blast furnace monitoring, molten iron tank, sintering, material level, Kiln monitoring.

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SIFTU-M Ultra High Temperature Thermal Camera
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