Buried Pipe & Cable Locators

Buried Pipe & Cable Locators

Underground Pipe and Cable Locator in India

Avoidance & Locating of buried pipe & cable utility services is a critical activity that must be performed BEFORE excavation of any new telecom, Industrial, Telecom, Railway, Pipe laying, Cable laying and Building construction activity.

The Cable Avoidance Tools and Pipe and Cable locators featured on the following pages are exclusively in association with CSCOPE UK, world famous manufacturer of underground cable & pipe locating equipments for over 25 years and considered the industry standard for cable locating equipments

From Basic avoidance to Selective pipe and cable route tracing to Datalogging locators that will tell you when and how the cable pipe detector equipments were used on site, the equipments featured below will assist the project & safety managers achieve cable locating tasks simply, quickly and reliably.

The Stanlay CSCOPE cable route tracers are the most rugged equipments in the industry - water proof, dust proof, impact rated - designed to be use by ANY level of Operator in ANY site conditions. 7 Models to choose from - ensures you have a buried line locator that will suit your job and application requirement.


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Cat 33 XD Cable Avoidance Tool

Cat 33XD most rugged underground cable locator in the industry with Power (P), Radio (R) & 33kHz Generator Modes (G). Built Like a Tank. Depth measurement. Easy to...

CXL2 Cable Detector Tool

CXL2 Underground Cable Locator - Entry level tool for detecting buried metallic pipes and cables prior any form of excavation. High performance, Dual Frequency, Digital pipe...

DXL2 Pipe & Cable Locator Kit

Digital Buried Pipe & Cable Locator Kit for avoidance and route tracing of buried metallic pipe cable utilities. 4 Operating modes. Dual Combined Frequency - 33/131kHz. Depth...

DXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool

Latest generation cable avoidance tool for cable locating and route tracing of buried metallic pipe & cable utilities with 4 operating mode, Dual Combined Frequency 33+131kHz, Noise rejection,...

MXL2 Precision Pipe & Cable Locator Kit

Precision & High Performance Buried Pipe & Cable Locator Kit for avoidance and route tracing of buried metallic pipe cable utilities. 4 Operating modes. Multi Frequency, Depth measurement,...

Non Metallic PLB telecom Duct route tracing system

Locate & Trace underground non metallic HDPE pipes in existing laid ducts

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