Pile Integrity Tester

Pile Integrity Tester

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Stanlay is preferred & authorized pile testing equipment supplier in India. Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) perform low strain integrity testing also known as sonic echo or pulse echo testing for assessing the condition of piles. The utilization of the Pile integrity tester is necessary for testing of building foundation piles, Dynamic Pile tests in highway engineering, and exposed top surface of constructions such as pillars and for non destructive testing of railway piles

Pile Integrity Tester may also be used to test piles primary in the structure, such as those supporting existing bridges or towers. Two Pile integrity tester`s options are available:

P8000 Wireless Pile Integrity Tester
: is a Wireless Foundation Pile Dynamic tester or pile dynamic analyzer using the low strain reflected wave method for testing integrity of Concrete Pile and identify the extent and location of pile defect.

P8100 Dynamic Foundation Pile Tester: is used to assess the integrality of concrete pile and identify the extent and location of the pile defect by using the reflected wave method

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