MAS24 Micro Seismic Recorder

 MAS24 Micro Seismic Recorder Micro-Seismic-Recorder
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MAS24 Micro Seismic Recorder

MAS24 Micro Seismic Recorder is a high resolution integrated unit (24 bit sampling and dynamic >130db) with 3 or 6 channels (up to 5 monoaxial or 2 triaxial accelerometers). The motion vibration acquisition unit fulfills standards DIN45669, DIN4150-3-1 and UNI9916.

Dymas 24 Seismic Recorder is used for both Micro seismic & Vibrational studies. Its characteristics make it suitable for monitoring of civil and industrial structures or for natural or anthropic seismic monitoring.

The high resolution allows use in micro seismic fields or as a strong motion acquisition system. The internal acquisition GPS receiver data can be synchronized with an absolute time reference and then correlated with other remote stations

Software packages for communication and configuration EDAXSOFT, data processing and visualization VIBROSOFT are also supplied. The unit in addition to recording signal in case of event, stores minimum and maximum values for all channels.

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MAS24 Micro Seismic Recorder
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