578 XL M90 1300nm LED Source

578 XL M90 1300nm LED Source

578 XL M90 1300nm LED Source

The Tempo Communications 578XL fiber optic light source is a handheld fiber optic tool designed to measure optical power levels and link loss on multi-mode fiber optic cabling networks.

578XL LED light source provides a light source to measure insertion loss on multi-mode optical fiber. The universal connector interface (UCI) is available for all common connectors.

The Rugged 578XL Optical Light Source has multiple wavelength options ranges from 1270 – 1345nm. When the instrument  is first turned on, the 1300 nm laser is automatically selected in continuous wave mode. Operator can toggle the mode between Continuous & Modulated with the help of [MOD] button, It illuminates when modulated mode is selected.

The 578XL LED light sources, available at 1300nm, have been manufactured with M90 launch conditions for 62.5/125µm GI MM fiber to overcome the inconsistent measurements caused by standard light sources & improve accuracy and repeatability.

The 578 XL fiber optical source has auto-shutoff feature to prolong battery life. The instrument shuts down automatically if the front-panel keys are not pressed for a certain period of time.

Applications :

The 578 XL LED Source is used for

• Connector/cable insertion loss measurements

• Link loss measurements

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