MXL4 Pipe & Cable Locator

MXL4 Pipe & Cable Locator

The MXL4 Precision Pipe & Cable Locator is a high-performance multi-frequency cable locating equipment for locating buried cables or pipes.

· The C.SCOPE MXL4 Multi-frequency pipe & cable locator will determine the exact position of Buried metallic pipes and cables including electricity cables / power cables, signaling cables etc.

·  In addition is used for long distance tracing and utility identification of telecom OFC cables, oil & gas pipes.

· The MXL4 cable & pipe detector can be used to detect buried utility services immediately prior to any form of excavation work taking place.

When used in conjunction with the MXT4 transmitter, the equipment becomes a versatile pipe & cable route locating system for route tracing of underground utility services.

Multiple Frequency Options: of 512Hz, 640Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 131kHz, Dual Combined frequency "CF" 33+131Khz” will allow the operator select the frequency suitable for that particular scenario and therefore is the tool for complex buried cable pipe locating jobs including locating the smaller dia buried cables such as telecom & sheathed fiber optical & lighting spurs.

The MXL4 pipe and cable locating equipment is provided as a GPS enable pipe cable locator in the model option of the MXL4DBG option with in-built Data Logging, Bluetooth™ connectivity and GPS logging.

Operating Modes: The MXL4 has 4 modes of operation P: Power, R: Radio, G: Generator A: All Scan Mode for locating buried metallic cables and pipes.

The MXL4 also contain a Signal Current measurement mode to differentiate between the buried utility being route traced and other buried utility services in congested metro environments.

Eliminates Operator Error: The equipment range makes locating really simple and combined with unique features such as Automatic Daily Self-TestSwing warning etc., lets the operator work with confidence and are specifically designed to be used by operators in ALL site conditions and in all working environments to ensure position of buried pipes and cables is pinpointed before each and every excavation. 

C.Scope Cable locators are the most rugged equipment in the industry - water proof, dust proof, impact rated with IP65 Environmental rating ensuring a long product life. The equipment is fully digital and does not require Recalibration. 

The MXL4 Cable & Pipe Locating kit is a high performance equipment for telecom and oil/gas utility environments. Built to last.

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MXL4 Pipe & Cable Locator
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