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Digital LUX meter 381

Digital LUX Meter

381 lux meter is a professional dedicated compact digital light meter. 381 Light meter measure light intensity and display results in Lux or FC. It has a high sampling rate of 100/s. 381's low power consumption allows up to 200 hours of continuous operation. Results can be stored within the device and transferred to PC for further analysis, printing and storage.

381 light intensity meter is useful in the measurement and optimization of the lighting design & environmental light levels in a wide range of application areas, manufacturing plants and warehouses, surveying and construction industries, university campuses, schools, hospitals etc.

Product Specification




Auto Range

Display Count



Illuminance Measurement (Lux)

20 Lux


200 Lux


2000 Lux


20000 Lux



Illuminance Measurement (Fc)

2 Fc

20 Fc

200 Fc

2000 Fc

Other Features


Data Hold

Auto Power Off

Low Battery Indication

Data Storage

2044 Data Sets

Auto Record Time Setup

Real-Time Clock

General Characteristics


9V Battery (6LF22)


22.5mm x 32.5mm

Product Net Weight


Product Size

195mm x 45mm x 26mm

  • Auto/manual range, data hold
  • Auto power off (cancelable)
  • MAX/MIN modes
  • 2044 sets data storage
  • Displays time and adjustable record intervals (0.5~255s)
  • Restore to default mode
  • Lux/FC selectable
Frequently Asked Questions (5 answered questions)
Yes, data Is easily transferrable to PC through USB cable

Person name: Asian

Yes, It stores data upto 2044 sets

Person name: Asian

It comes with 9V 6LF22 battery.

Person name: Asian

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