Proceq Subsurface GPR GS8000

Proceq Subsurface GPR GS8000 GS8000 Subsurface GPR GS8000 Subsurface GPR GS8000 Subsurface GPR GS8000 Subsurface GPR GS8000 Subsurface GPR GS8000 Subsurface GPR GS8000 Subsurface GPR
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Proceq Subsurface GPR GS8000

Proceq GS8000 is an all-in-one Sub-surface GPR for detecting objects and mapping the underground world using SFCW ground penetrating radar technology.

Due to effective modulated frequency range of 40 – 3440 MHz ² and ultra-wide band)  & deeper depth penetration up to 10 meters, The GS8000 ground penetrating radar is an ideal solution for Utility strike prevention, Subsurface utility engineering (SUE), Underground 3D Reality Capture, Asset inspection & Geophysical investigations / Archaeology / Forensics / Precision Agriculture.

The GS8000 GPR allows underground utility scanning & provides 3D image of the surface detecting the object underground with minimum detectable object size  of 1cm which makes it a preferred GPR for utility scanning.  

The utility scanning GPR offers real time 2D & 3D data visualization of the scanned subsurface for an optimal interpretation on site

The Proceq GS8000 GPR offers cross polarization of data which allows to see both metallic target & non-metallic targets cleaner as per the requirement.

The subsurface scanning gpr has cloud storage for GPR measurements & post-processing of SEG-Y files exported data. Integrated with mobile App, The SFCW GPR makes data accessible from anywhere, anytime.

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Proceq Subsurface GPR GS8000
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