Temp/Light/Air/Sound Testers

Temp/Light/Air/Sound Testers

The range of electrical testers featured below are  high quality instruments  for measurement of wind space surface RPM, light levels/Lux, dB sound level, ambient temperature and humidity and general non-contact voltage deduction. Each product is built to a high specification and accuracy for engineering and industrial applications.

The product range features  an anemometer , digital LUX meter tachometer,sound level meter ,temperature humidity meters and non contact voltage detector covering an entire range of electrical testers  required for engineering, industrial,surveying and construction industries.

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Digital LUX meter

Professional dedicated compact digital light measurement meter with Data logging capability.

Temperature Humdity Meter

A compact dedicated Hygrometer that is accurate and feature packed.

Sound Level Meter

Professional hand held sound meter with back lit display and data logging.

Digital Anemometer

Airflow meter that measures wind velocity, wind count & wind temperature with real time logging capability.

Non Contact Voltage Detector

Pen type voltage detector for non-contact detection of AC voltage with a flashing LED and beeper to indicate presence of voltage.

Digital Contact & Non Contact Optical Tachometer

A digital tachometer that will provide rpm measurement of revolving objects, shafts of motors.

PS 4500 Power quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer to record energy use, log voltage and current.

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