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Smart Thump ST16 Portable Cable Fault Location System

The Megger SMART THUMP ST16 portable cable fault location system provides safe, efficient and easy-to-use solutions to quickly identify, prelocate and pinpoint various types of cable faults for Low/Medium Voltage power cables.
This new system requires significantly less training than a traditional thumper-only system. The SMART-Thump™ 16 is the only fault locator with built-in intelligence to interpret the results of the initial test sequence. The “Turn & Click” rotary button operation lets the user automatically proof test, prelocate, and pinpoint the fault from one convenient control console. No adjustments are required.

Key benefits:

  • 1500 J at 8 / 16 kV, 16 kV DC-HV proof test 23/46mA Burning
  • Integrated ARM and ICE Prelocation
  • Easy Go - automatic sequence to proof test, pre-locate & pinpoint
  • Automatic interpretation of test results
  • Sunlight readable, transflective 5.7” TFT color display
  • Safe OP Check protects user from incorrect or faulty lead connections
  • USB interface for trace export via USB flash drive
  • The latest E-Tray system built in allows the user to access and operate every function through an intuitive interface, without the need to make adjustments; the software will suggest the next logical step.

Circuit parameters include:

  • System voltage up to 35 kV
  • Insulation EPR or XLPE
  • Typical conductor sizes between #2 and 500 MCM (34 mm2 to 250 mm2)
  • Typical circuit lengths from a few hundred feet (100 m) up to 3 miles (17,000 ft. or 5,000 m)
  • Typical end users include: operations department of power utility

Product Specification
Impulse generator  (Thumper)
Operating modes:  Arc reflection method (ARM®)
ICE surge pluse (optional in NAFTA) 
Direct surge                                                  
DC-HC proof test and resistance readout (O) 
Burning  / Fault Conditioning 
Sheath fault test & pinpointing / Secondary Fault Locating (optional) 
TDR  TDR  modes and all prelocation function (25000 ft, optional 100,000 ft)
Enery output  Dual stage: 1500  J @ 8 kV and 16 kV  
Proof test: 0 to kV continuous             
Burn current: 60 mA max 
Key Features Single - shot thump in ARM
Built-in inductive type ARM filter
8 second thump cycle @ max output
Automatic cable and system discharging
Display Features  Transflective  TFT color display , sunlight proof
5.7 in., 640 x 470 pixel  resolution 
Power Options 120 / 230 V, 60 / 50 Hz ac operation
12  V deep cycle marine battery with internal dc charge / inverter (standard) 


This fully inegrated system can be operated from either its internal battery/inverter, external 12 VDC or 110/230 VAC. Additional features are:

  • “Quick-Steps” is especially convenient where operators may not be called upon to use the equipment on a regular basis 
  • “Expert Mode” provides up to 20 additional TDR features for experienced users to optimize their fault location results 
  • Custom configurable menus for the TDR function
  • DC testing up to 16 kV with indication of insulation resistance value 
  • Rugged, powder coated IP54 designed enclosure 
  • Safe Op check protects user from incorrect and/or faulty ground connections (F-Ohm)
  • Easy Go operation eliminates lengthy training 
  • Quick access to all components in case of service
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Product Info Downloads

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