Megger Portable Cable Fault Locators

Megger Portable Cable Fault Locators

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Megger Portable Cable Fault Locators are Specifically designed to provide quick, effective, accurate cable faults in power systems and identified high voltage & low voltage buried primary cable faults via a single or dual probe. Despite their small size, Megger cable fault locators incorporate a high voltage generator with surge generation capabilities and a high performance time domain reflectometer (TDR), enabling a wide range of fault location techniques to be deployed without the need for additional equipments.

Key Feature:

  • Power cable fault locators
  • Pin pointer fault locators
  • Cable locators and route tracers
  • TDRs (Power and Telecom)
  • Quick, Effective, Accurate

Megger EZ-THUMP Compact Cable Fault Locator: The EZ-THUMP4 and EZ-THUMP12 are compact and lightweight, battery and AC line operated, portable cable fault location systems. Provide Arc Reflection Method (ARM®) cable fault prelocation based on 500 Joule pinpoint surge generator DC testing for breakdown detection

Megger Smart Thump ST16 Portable Cable Fault Location System: The Megger SMART THUMP ST16 portable cable fault location system provides safe, efficient and easy-to-use solutions to quickly identify, prelocate and pinpoint various types of cable faults for Low/Medium Voltage power cables.

Megger SFX 5-1000 Portable Multifunction Portable Cable Fault Locator: The SPX 5-1000 is a portable, multi-functional system for testing, fault conditioning pre- and pinpoint location of faults in low voltage distribution networks.

Megger SFX 8-1000 Cable Fault Locating System: The SFX 8-1000 is a mobile and economical fault locating system, perfectly suitable for low voltage cables such as control cables , lighting systems or deep-well-pump cables and also in medium voltage cables.

Megger SFX 15 & 25 Mobile, Battery Operated Cable Fault Locating System: The Surge flex 15 and 25 cable fault location systems with their 1150 J surge energy provide a standard solution for portable systems. The basic system comes already fully equipped with integrated battery, inverter/charger and is mounted on an easy to move trolley

Megger SFX 32 Portable Cable Test & Fault Location System: The Surge flex 32 is a mobile system for testing and fault locating on low and medium voltage cables. The test and surge voltage of up to 32 kV makes the SPG 32 suitable for all low voltage and medium voltage cable networks.

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