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Fiber Cleaver CLV-X6

Fiber Cleavers are high precision instruments used in cutting the optic fiber with absolute precision. CLV-X6 is a high precision fiber cleaver based on Japanese IKO rail blades

Stanlay CLV-X6 fiber cleaver is feature-rich with auto-return blade rail and a fiber dustbin. The auto-return blade helps the fiber technician save time when he has to do multiple cleaving by auto-adjusting the blades every time after a cleave. The fiber dustbin automatically collects the minute fiber optic waste to protect the technician from any injury.
CLV-X6 is equipped with a  blade life 54000 ensuring the best ROI.
Stanlay CLV-X6 Fiber optic cleaver is one of the highest quality cleaver in the market- ideal for customers demanding the highest quality.

Product Specification




Bare Fiber Diameter

125 µm

Coating Fiber Diameter

250 µm,900 m

Cleaving Length

250 µm: 9~16mm, 900 µm: 10~16mm

Blade Life


Auto Return


Fiber Dustbin





About 450g

  • Used for indoor cable
  • FTTH Fiber Holder for bare fiber
  • Fiber dustbin
  • Auto-return blade rail
  • Blade life 54000
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