STAN ONE CET180 Clamp Earth Ground Tester

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STAN ONE CET180 Clamp Earth Ground Tester

The STAN ONE CET180 Clamp Earth Ground Tester, also called Loop Resistance Tester based on the Rogowski coil principle provides a quick & safe method for measuring earth ground resistance without disconnecting circuit earthing/ground lines or without stakes & wire.

The CET180 stake-less earth resistance tester provides additional features of measuring leakage current up to 50A and soil resistivity up to 9999KΩ.

The CET180 Clamp Earth Ground Tester is a dual-method instrument that provides an option to measure earthing through stake less clamp method and also through a 3- or 4-wire measurement.  other features include voltage/current measurement, data storage/viewing, alarming, auto power off, and more. With fast filtering technology employed, interference can be minimized.

The Jaw size of 68mm has been designed to easily accommodate earth strips. A test ring is provided to allow test & and confirm instrument status before actual operation to ensure accurate results.

The CET180 digital clamp on earth tester provides high resolution, stable performance, and strong and interference-free ability.

The CET180 is mainly used to measure ground resistance of power distribution lines, gas stations, grounding grids, lightning rods, telecommunication, electric power, meteorology, oil fields, and similar applications.

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STAN ONE CET180 Clamp Earth Ground Tester
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