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R630A Rebar Scanner

Concrete Rebar Detector

The R630A Rebar Scanner provides the capability to detect ,location of rebar in concrete,measure rebar cover and rebar diameter.

The R630A also provides Rebar Grid Scan Orientation and distribution of rebar.
Powerful instrument with a large LCD screen display. The instrument provides significant capability at an economical price.

The R630A is provided with 2 probes - a 4 wheel probe for fast scanning of larger structures & a smaller probe for smaller spaces or scanning of sections with dense rebar. he R630A is provided with 2 probes - a 4 wheel probe for fast scanning of larger structures & a smaller probe for smaller spaces or scanning of sections with dense rebar. Based on llithium ion rechargeable battery.

Product Specification
Rebar diameter range (in mm) Ф6mm~Ф50mm
Protective layer thickness range (mm) {Cover}  First range (in mm)  Second range (in mm)
3~98  3~196
Estimated error for
protective layer thickness
±1 mm 3~56 3~76
±2 mm  57~69  80~119
±3 mm  70~98 120~196
Estimated allowed error(Rebar) ±1rebar standard
Data transfer  USB drive
Power  Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 
Battery  operating Time >25 hours
Size 212mm x134mm x 50mm 
Weight 0.9kg
Data storage 992 objects (each object can store upto
999 thickness values of cover)
  • The instrument provides the capability to very accurately and  comprehensively detect rebar .
  • The instrument provides a display which also includes a signal strength bar.
  • As the instrument probe comes closer to the rebar, the signal strength bar.increases – When on top of rebar, the instrument automatically locks the thickness value of cover.
  • Automatic storage option is available in instrument.
  • The Instrument allows through parameter setting definition of various parameters including estimated dia, Minimum cover to detect, Type of structure etc
Product Info Downloads
Product Info Downloads

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