DFX-7 Flaw Detector & Thickness Gauge

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DFX-7 Flaw Detector & Thickness Gauge

The Dakota Ultrasonics model DFX-7 is both a Ultrasonic flaw detector and an ultrasonic material and coating thickness gauge. The DFX-7 Flaw detectors are designed to detect, size, position, and differentiate between flaw types in various materials and welded joints. Fast & High performance, with a 200 volt square wave pulser that can be adjusted for specific applications and transducers offers greater penetration for difficult material types, or increased resolution on noisy materials.The DFX-7 is equipped with an adjustable pulse repetition rate of 8 to 333Hz to control how fast the pulser is firing. Therefore, when scanning at higher speeds, a higher repetition rate will make the alarm trigger more responsive. In addition, the DFX-7 serves the function of a thickness gauge are specifically setup to very accurately measure thickness, locate pits, flaws and blind surface corrosion and measure coating thickness.  

DFX 7 Flaw Detector Used for a wide variety of ultrasonic testing tasks such as flaw detection, thickness gauging, weld and bond testing, and more critical safety-related and quality-related applications involving structural welds, steel beams, forgings, pipelines and tanks, aircraft engines and frames, automobile frames, railroad rails, power turbines and other heavy machinery.

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DFX-7 Flaw Detector & Thickness Gauge
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