MVX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

MVX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MVX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MVX : ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAUGE  Clientslogovideo2
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MVX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

MVX multi-mode ultrasonic thickness gauge measures through painted or coated surfaces for providing thickness measurement of metal substrates without removing coatings. The MVX equipped with multiple viewing options is a complete set for inspection

  • The physical size, weight, and display resolution are just a few of the benefits of the MVX.
  • The adjustable square wave pulser provides the flexibility necessary for both high resolution and penetration requirements.
  • The MVX is equipped with multiple viewing options to provide users with a complete set of inspection tools: (RF waveform, +/- Rectified waveform, Time based B-Scan, and Large Digits).
  • The A-Scan rectified mode is commonly used for detecting flaws/pits in pulse-echo mode and measuring thru-paint and coatings in echo-echo mode.
  • The time-based B-Scan feature of the MVX displays a cross section of the test material. It is commonly used to display the profile of the bottom surface of the test material.
  • Built-in hardware AGC gain control for thru- paint measurements in multi-mode operation.
  • The variety of calibration options is just one more example of MVX's overall versatility.
  • The MVX has the ability to store 64 custom user-defined setups. All factory setups can be selected, edited and saved to any setup location.
  • MVX is equipped with an alpha-numeric data logger to provide increased versatility for those custom reporting needs.
  • The built-in transducer type’s offer increased linearity between transducers.
  • The high speed scan feature speeds up the inspection process by making 32 measurements per second.
  • Remove transducer from the test material and display the minimum measurement scanned.
  • Visual alarm with Hi and Lo limit settings for specific application tolerances.
  • Use the find feature to locate the detection point, while automatically adjusting the display to bring the signal into view.
  • MVX also comes complete with our Windows® PC software for transferring data to and from a PC.
  • A basic Flaw Prove-Up Mode for use with angle beam style transducers.
  • Multiple language support
  • 2 year limited warranty

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MVX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
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