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Concrete Mapping GPR

Rebar Mapping GPR

Concrete mapping GPR is a non-destructive testing equipment designed to map the layers of rebars and other non- metallic objects such as PT ducts, conduits and plumbing lines in concrete structures. Concrete Mapping GPR`s are based on which provides high resolution data.

The Concrete Mapping GPR allows NDT inspection of rebar structures & rebar mapping upto 0.7 meters (70 cms depth) not achieved by conventional NDT instrumentation.  

The concrete mapping GPR is a powerful and necessary tool for utilization by retro fitting contractors involved in rehabilitation of old structures, contractors involved in tunneling or bridge structures with post tension cables which require to be located prior drilling, engineers involved in study of old or historical monuments and any construction or engineering organization that requires to detect rebar in large or long structures.

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Proceq GPR Live

Proceq GPR Live

Most Innovative Ultra Wideband Portable GPR with line scan & area scan for structural imaging of rebar in the range of 0.9 to 3.5 GHz covered with a single antenna.

TRHF Concrete Mapping GPR

TRHF Concrete Mapping GPR

TRHF GPR is an economical concrete scanner for examining the internal building structure for thickness and integrity of concrete and location of rebars and post tension cables.

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