Continuous Friction Tester

Continuous Friction Tester Continuous Friction Tester Continuous Friction Tester
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Continuous Friction Tester

The Continuous Friction Tester from Pavetesting designed specifically around the requirements of international highway agencies, and Aviation regulations is a trailer mounted device that is connected to a suitable tow vehicle and is able to measure the coefficient of friction of the pavement surface at speeds of up to 135kmph.

Robust, consistent and 100% reliable in all environmental conditions. Software is provided free of charge with no license requirements and updated regularly to keep in line with the latest international standards and regulations. Output data has been harmonized with the International SCRIM Friction Tester, provided on a graphical software based on standard windows platform.

Ideal equipment for Airfield runways to provide adequate skid resistance to ensure the safe directional control and breaking of aircraft operating on the surface, especially for airfields which receive high rainfall or snow. 


  • Simple Proven Design
  • No Belt Breakages
  • 100% reliable communications system
  • Low temperature tested
  • Standard tyre`s at affordable price
  • Stable trailer design at high speeds
  • True calibration procedure
  • Made in the UK

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Continuous Friction Tester
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