Duct Rodders

Duct Rodders

Stanlay duct rodders have been used in some of the largest telecom projects worldwide for installation & maintenance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers of optical fiber cables in buried ducts. Furthermore, traceable rodders are fast gaining wide acceptance as the means & method for maintenance of outside plant telecom duct networks and fiber optic cable installation networks.

Whether as a beginner for setting up a contracting business or a professional, Stanlay cable & wire pulling products will help get you going. From new wiring for a complete project to installation of additional wiring in a circuit for the electrical contractor . From installation of data cables to installation of sensitive fiber optic cables for the datacom contractor. From setting up a new telecom contracting business to the large scale telecom companies . Stanlay provides a wide range of cable & wire installation product options - maxi rodders ,mini rodders to ensure that the users find a product that is productive to their application.

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Cable Jockey Mini Duct Rodder

Mini duct rodder for electrical & data wire & cable pulling in long length industrial & multistorey complexes . Upto 80m/ 262 feet length. Based on 4.5mm...

Cable Plus Midi Duct Rodder

Midi Duct Rodder for Cable Pulling upto 120 m length. Based on 6.7 mm rod.

Cable Tiger Maxi Duct Rodder

Maxi Duct Rodder for Installing Optical fiber cables upto 300m / 1000 feet length. Based on 9mm dia rod.

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