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Proceq Zehntner Retroreflectometers are high-performance retroreflectometer widely used to monitor the performance of road markings and traffic signs, over its designed or intended life.

Road marking is very essential for road safety; Especially at night and during wet & rainy condition, when visibility is reduced road markings and signs provide important guidance for drivers to stay safely on the road avoiding accidents.

What is Retroreflection?

Road Marking ensure road safety by directing & guiding drivers on the road . Road markings can be based on as example thermoplastic paints, water or solvent borne road marking paints, which have a life depending on a variety of factors. The same are embedded with an optimal level of glass beads for ensuring retroreflection from the vehicles headlights . The reflectance from the road markings degrade over time. The ability of a driver to view the markings , while driving at speed, from a distance, whether in day or night , dry or wet, can ensure avoidance of accidents.

A retroreflectometer is used to measure the retroreflection performance of the surface.
Visibility in day light of the road paint is referred to as “Qd” i.e luminance coefficient under diffused illumination.

Night time visibility is referred to as “RL” i.e Retro reflection.

The Road Marking performance evaluation requires use of a Retro Reflectometer with average value to be measured over a sample size at a specific location.
Retroreflectometers work in accordance with EN 1436 , ASTM E 1710 (RL) ,ASTM E 2302 (Qd) and ASTM E 2177 (RL wet) .

Zehntner Switzerland, part of the Proceq SA group, worlds premier manufacturer of non-destructive testing equipment & instrumentation, offers an array of road marking retroreflectometers & road sign retroreflectometers which allow monitoring the road markings for all types of road surfaces (dry or wet) at day & night visibility as well as Visibility measurement of Traffic and Road signs and Reflective materials. asian contec ltd is the authorised partner to Proceq for India. 

With integrated mapping and data analysis software, the Professional retroreflectometers provide measurements with precise geolocation and high-res images & allow report generation at ease.

Road Marking Retro Reflectometer Selection Guide:


ZRM 6006 RL-Qd

ZRM 6013+ RL-Qd

ZRM 6014 RL-Qd


Transflective luminous LCD display
with LED backlight

Touchscreen 5.7" color TFT (LCD), LED backlight,
VGA resolution

Technology Options


GPS, internal printer

High-resolution Camera
Optional compass and
GPS, internal printer



1 GB internal flash memory

Measurement Modes

RL dry (night visibility)
RL wet (night visibility)
Qd (day visibility)
°C/°F (ambient temperature)
rH % (relative humidity)

Measuring Area

52mm x 218mm
(2.05" x 8.6")

52mm x 218mm
(2.05" x 8.58")

52 mm x 218 mm
(2.05" x 8.58")

Measuring Range

RL: 0 - 4’000 mcd•m-2•lx-1
Qd: 0 - 400 mcd•m-2•lx-1

Measuring Accuracy


Observation Angle

EN 1436 &
ASTM E2302: 2.29°
ASTM E1710: 1.05°

Illumination Angle

RL: EN 1436: 1.24°
RL: ASTM E1710: 88.76°
Qd: diffuse


6.4kg (14.1lbs)

6.8kg (14.99 lbs)

7.6 kg (16.76 lbs )


-10°C to +50°C

Reporting Software


Includes mapping and data analysis software MappingTools


Day & night visibility measurement,
at day or night,
on any road surface

Day & night visibility measurement
under any weather condition;
dry or wet

Day & night visibility measurement,
anytime and on any road surface
dry or wet


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