Chaser XR is a high-performance GPR solution setting a new standard in high depth subsurface investigation and expanding the power of the latest EsT (Equalized Scrambled Technology) patented technology to the world of geophysical surveying. Chaser XR is an all-in-one and one-for-all GPR antenna featuring the most extended inspection range (80 MHz - 1500 MHz) making it highly versatile and capable of addressing a wide range of subsurface profiling needs with EsT technology, reflections are equalized with multi-gain boost offering higher sensing capability performing the best noise rejection for low & higher frequencies providing higher depth range with high resolution.

Chaser XR is also the lowest weight GPR in its category allowing ease of use for both sub's surface & structures with a weight of only 4.8 Kgs.

Chaser XR Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) consolidates the typical capabilities of multiple systems into a single device. Its versatile antenna is suitable for a wide range of geophysical surveying applications, including environmental assessment, archaeological research, examination of man-made structures, ice, tunnel investigations, and snow profiling.

Chaser XR GPR is available in three different product configurations:-

  • Lite Pack: Basic package, is suitable for those requiring the essential GPR features without additional accessories or advanced capabilities.
  • Drag Kit: Make transporting or moving the Chaser XR GPR easily across different surfaces or terrains, allowing efficient subsurface investigations.
  • Positioning Kit: Includes tools or equipment that helps precisely position or navigate the Chaser XR GPR during geophysical surveying tasks, ensuring accurate and controlled data collection. Also, a 4-wheel trolley option will be offered.

Chaser XR employs Hexagon's latest software technology solutions for both data collection and post-processing, including uMap and IQMaps ensuring a comprehensive and advanced approach to handling geophysical survey data.

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