Pipe Inspection Camera System

Pipe Inspection Camera System

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Drain & Sewer Pipe Inspection Cameras are useful in inspecting blockage , pipe condition assessment or irregularities inside buried industrial or municipal water pipes, drain pipe, sewer, telecom ducts and plumbing pipe networks.
Stanlay LPIC digital inspection cameras are offered in length options upto 120 meters, which are ideal for remote visual inspection of longer-length buried pipelines .

The Stanlay sewer inspection cameras are designed to IP68 environmental standard, waterproof, and can operate for 4-8hr continuously upto 20 meters under water making them ideal for rough usage.

Salient features include :

  • Frame construction is stainless steel, ensuring long life usage.
  • Sony cameras with Self-leveling Feature, ensures high resolution images which are always upright.
  • 12 High bright LEDs for viewing inside completely dark spaces.
  • Built in encoders for distance measurement
  • Data storage of upto 32GB of videos and or images.
  • Wireless keyboard provided for data entry of notes, during inspection

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