Underground Locating Equipment

Underground Locating Equipment

Underground Utility Locating Equipment

Buried Pipe and Cable Locating and Mapping has to be viewed in three possible options :                                

 A. Locating & Avoidance of Buried  Metallic Utilities Prior any form of excavation : This is also referred to as a Level 3 survey which requires use of Electromagnetic Pipe & Cable Locators for identification and avoidance of buried metallic cables and pipes such as Live Power Cables, Armored telecommunication cables, metallic pipes amongst others. The same equipment can provide the capability to Route Trace metallic cables such as armored Optical fiber cables, signalling and telecom cables and is therefore also referred to as a Cable Route Tracer  

B. Detection or Identification  of Buried Metallic and Non Metallic Utilities Prior any form of excavation : This is referred to as a Level 4 Survey and requires use of a Ground Penetrating Radar also referred to commonly as a GPR. The use of a Dual frequency On Site Detection GPR allows identification of presence of both non metallic and metallic utilities such as buried optical fiber cables, Clay pipes, Plastic Pipes etc. This can be further extended by use of Survey Protocol and Professional GPR

 C. Mapping of Buried Non Metallic and Metallic Utilities : Data acquired in field by use of GPR by following a defined survey protocol can result in quality data being processed into accurate maps of the underground utility assets or buried utility services which can be converted into Asbuilt maps in CAD.

Asian Contec Limited under the brand name Stanlay is the exclusive distributor to M/s CSCOPE UK for its range underground locating equipment includes a variety of technologies that accurately locates buried metallic utilities, power cable locators, pipe detector, telecom cables route tracer, cable avoidance tools in India.Apart from that Stanlay is also exclusive distributor to M/s IDS Italy for its range of Ground Penetrating Radars in India. 

Both M/s Cscope UK and M/s IDS italy underground locating equipments are considered as worldwide leaders in their respective industries with the highest quality products built to last and used by operators at any level.Stanlay also provides comprehensive training programs on equipment supplied apart from service programs which ensures that your investment into the product provide you a significant return over a long period of ownership. Stanlay is Indias largest distributor of underground locating equipment with a customer base spread across majority of all premier companies in India spanning hundreds of clients. 



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