GPR for Pavement Engineering

GPR for Pavement Engineering

The HiPave GPR for pavement engineering is an answer for experienced pavement engineering teams who requires pavement layers information for both qualitative analysis of pavement & to generate accurate deflection data or remaining service life of pavement.

With high speed acquisition possible using Hipave GPR operating at 1 Ghz or 2GHz,high resolution data captured is post processed to achieve an accurate assessment of pavement layers in highways,roads & runways for effective decision making.

Also available is the 400/900 dual frequency HIMOD for capture of On the spot data of pavement

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RIS Hi -Pave

RIS Hi - Pave GPR for high speed pavement assessment survey single or with multi frequency antenna array.

IDS RIS - Hi Bright

Early detection system of damage to concrete bridge decks.

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