Light Weight Deflectometer

Light Weight Deflectometer

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The Light weight deflectometer (LWD) is also referred as Light Drop weight tester. Lightweight deflectometer is currently essential equipment for further characterization of soil and their properties like modulus of elasticity and deflection values. Lightweight Deflectometer also provides good data to prescribe target deflections and elastic modulus values during earthwork construction analyses, this result gives the proper design for the given location.

Light Weight Deflectometer is based on dynamic portable impulse plate load testing principle used to determine the degree of compaction and bearing resistance of soil sub-grades, non-cohesive sub-bases & unbound base layers, as well as for soil improvement applications in all types of earth work and ground engineering applications.

Stanlay Exclusively in association with HMP Germany, second generation product, being used the world over to replace cumbersome Static plate load tests. The HMP LFG pro provides measurements that have direct correlation to static load test (DIN 18134, BS1377, ASTM D1194/1195/1196) & Procter test (DPR)*, and are conforming to the latest ASTM E2835 standard that now standardize the use of the equipment for measuring soil compaction quality or directly measure the EVD deformation modulus.

HMP Germany Plate load tester provides the ability to take On Site measurements in less than 3 minutes and also take a printout of the results for records or saving the measured values for further analysis.

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